FunRun Series

Running Changes Everything!

We believe that a run can change your day, week, month, life, and the whole world around you.  This is why we host our FunRun series and strive to give you more chances to impact your own life, as well as those around you. Each run is open to anyone and everyone.  Mileage may vary, but you are welcome to complete whatever distance you want to in the time provided.  

No timing, no trophies, no audience... just Fun and Run.


Spring Break Run Spring Break Out Your Tank (3-ish mile fun run before)
March 18th, 6pm @ Fleet Feet - Schererville
Cancun, South Beach, Cabo, Aruba, Schererville... all classic Spring Break locations, but if you find yourself in Schererville this year, we've got you covered.  All of the fun and craziness of Spring Break, right here in the comfort of Schererville, IN. Time to ring in the spring, break out your tanks, bust out the sunglasses, and find all your fun friends... 


Poker RunPoker Run (3-4 miles fun run)
April 1st, 6pm @ Fleet Feet - Schererville
Time to test your luck on a one-of-a-kind poker night.  We'll combine the fun of running with the excitement of risk, wagering, and the possibility of losing big!  Chips, snacks, nachos, and cards... we'll have it all.  Bring your shades, visors, lucky charms, and poker faces as we embark on a high risk run.  Come live the life of a high roller at FF Schererville.  


Easter Egg RunEaster Egg Run (1-3 miles... depending on how fast you hunt...)

April 15th, 6pm @ Fleet Feet - Schererville
Break out the hunting dogs as we go out on the hunt.... the hunt for eggs.  Hidden eggs throughout the run will keep you looking, stopping, and gathering.  What prizes will the Easter Bunny have for you at the end?  You'll have to show to find out... maybe you'll even win a car!
(disclaimer... no car will be available to win through FF... though we suppose it is possible that maybe someone will randomly stop you and give you one)

Super Hero RunSuper Hero Run (3-ish miles)
May the 4th (be with you) @ Chemshaw 13
Release the hero (or the villain) within and unleash our powers on the run.  Costumes are basically required... or at least capes and we'll tour the town.  After the run we'll explore the deep meanings of bacon on donuts.  Gather your league of heroes, band of warriors, (wo)men of valor... or just your normal friends... and come avenge the mundane-ness of not running in a super hero costume!

Mommy MileMommy Mile (1 mile walk/run)
May 11th, 10am @ Fleet Feet - Schererville
Mothers, gather your sons and daughers.  Sons and daughters, gather your mothers.  The Mommy Mile is a 5,280 feet of celebration for our mothers and all they do.  You can walk, run, stroller, wagon, or crawl the out-and-back loop before returning to Fleet Feet for a continuation of the mommies in our lives.  All ages are welcome and encouraged... come celebrate moms everywhere with us!

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The Big RunThe Big Run (5k timed run)
June 5th, 6pm @ Fleet Feet - Schererville
The annual nationwide 5K brings thousands of runners together on Global Running Day to do what we love most—run.  All results from certified, timed 5K races will funnel into a national leader board to determine the overall male and female winners as well as the fastest runners in each age group. Those winners will receive cash prizes.  But it's not just about winning—we will also recognize other runners with unique awards. ($30 preregistered/$35 race day)

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Fireworks RunFireworks Run (2-3 mile fun run)
July 3rd, 6pm @ Fleet Feet - Schererville
What's better than running and BBQing?  Add Fireworks! Come take a strolling in Schererville before the epic firework show at Rohrman Park.  We'll be grilling out at Fleet Feet when you return and then walk over to the show after dinner (saves on the craziness of parking over there!).  Finally... an event that includes running, food, and stuff blowing up.  

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Spike NightXC Spike Nights (1 mile timed run)
July 12th (girls) & 15th (boys), 5pm @ Fleet Feet - Schererville
Time to gear up from cross country season, get the juices flowing, loosen up the legs, and gather the team.  We'll kick off the event with a 1 mile warm up, 1 mile timed run, 1 mile cool down then discounts on spikes for all teams plus, mountains of spaghetti.  It's a great time to get the team together early, save some $ on spikes, and maybe learn a little something from the vendors and PTs we'll have on hand. 
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Scavenger HuntScavenger Hunt (3-5 miles)
August 12th, 6pm @ Fleet Feet - Schererville
Dig deeper into the trails you run everyday.  Comb over NWI with a fine tooth comb as you hunt for... well... whatever we tell you to hunt for.  Bring your magnifying glasses, deerstalker hat, pipe, and trench coat. The trails are now open for your inspection.  

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House PartyFleet Feet House Party
(3ish miles)
September 9th, 6pm @ Fleet Feet - Schererville
Nobody throws a house party like Fleet Feet, 'cause a Fleet Feet house party don't stop.* Come enjoy a run followed by the classic house party food, games and music. Grab everyone you know and get them here!
(*To be clear, the Fleet Feet House Party does stop... in fact it ends at 8pm... but that doesn't sound a fun)

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Beer MileBeer Mile (1 mile + beer)
October 14th, 7:30pm @ Fleet Feet - Schererville
You already know it... You've seen it out in the world, and now it comes to Schererville, IN.  1 mile, 4 beers, as fast as you can.  We'll take our own spin on the iconic event and mix it with a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Now's the time to join in, or just come to witness the chaos that is The Beer Mile. 

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FriendsgivingFriendsgiving (3ish miles)
November 18th, 6pm @ Fleet Feet - Schererville
You've seen the show, know the song, love the characters... or not.  Either way, We'll be hosting our own Friendsgiving.  A time of gathering around for food (after the run) and just hanging out.  It's simply a time to gather before the craziness of Thanksgiving and chill with some really cool people.  Donations will be accepted for local food pantries and shelters. 

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White Elephant RunWhite Elephant Run (3ish miles)
December 16th, 6pm @ Fleet Feet - Schererville
You never know what you're going to get. The vendors jump in on this one and offer gifts for everyone... but will you even want it?  Who can tell and who cares? Come get the gifts that keep on giving... the random stuff the vendors don't want any more.  Bring your santa hats, Christmas cheer, and spirit of adventure... this will be an interesting one...

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