Our FITlosophy

The Fleet Feet FITLOSOPHY™ is our commitment to the concept of a proper fit in all aspects of our lives - from our commitment to helping you find the proper fit for your running shoes, to assisting you in determining how running, walking, or an active lifestyle fits into your life. Simply stated, FITLOSOPHY™ is our Fit Philosophy and our approach to everything we do. Our process begins by ensuring that runners, walkers, and truly everyone, regardless of ability, age, goals, and background are all outfit with the proper gear to meet their individual needs.

When you think about it, the foot is a marvelous structure. It has 28 bones (including the sesmoids), 33 joints, 112 ligaments, plus tendons, nerves and blood vessels that work in unison to support, balance and propel your body. No two feet are exactly the same nor do they always fit into a specific category. Don't cheat your feet. An injury is going to cost you a lot more, monetarily and mentally, than a good pair of shoes. Invest in your feet and let our Professional Outfitters teach you about your feet and help you find the perfect fit. We guaranteed it!

The Personal Footwear Fit Process

Step One: Getting to Know You
We want to get to know you and will ask questions to dive into your specific needs. Aches, pains, goals, daily activity, doctor's notes, and your preferences all play into this process and help us get you outfitted to take on whatever challenge you face.

Step Two: Measurement
Several measurements of each foot help us determine proper sizing. Here we partner with Fit ID to give you a detailed look at your two feet.  This gives us 8 different metrics on each of your feet, which you can get a copy of.  

Step Three: Your Foot In Motion
We’ll observe your foot in motion. This quick walk helps us determine how you move and how your foot responds to each of those movements. We'll show you on video what you can't normally see, and explain what it all means. 

Step Four: Fitting and Recommendations
Based on those findings, we will bring out a few shoes that we believe will work best for you. We’ll discuss the options, provide you with our recommendations and answer any questions as you try them on with a fresh pair of try-on socks. There will also be discussion of inserts (if applicable) and other ways to bring your you one step closer to your goals

Step Five: The Decision
This one is all you since you are the only person who knows how the shoes actually feel.  We'll still be there to answer any questions you may have and possibly explain the "feel" you feel. We can also take time to re-evaluate if more information comes out during the try-on process.  With that said, don't be surprised if one of the first shoes feels amazing - it just means we did our job right.

Step Six: Gear Up and Go
Now that your shoes, socks, and inserts are in-hand (or on-foot), we'll help you outfit the rest of your body and life to set you up for the success in your mission.

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