Hallux Valgus - Bunions

 What is it?
A subluxation of the 1st MPJ with a deviation of the great toe towards the second with an enlargement of the medial first metatarsal head.


  • Excessive pronation and narrow footwear. 
  • Higher incidence amongst women than men.  
  • Hereditary factors are listed in some literature.
  • Reddened skin over the base of the great toe.  Pain over the joint where the great toe joins the foot (MPJ)
Effect on Gait:
Degraded toe off, excessive pronation due to 1st ray instability.

  • If caused by overpronation, stability or motion control shoe/insert.
  • Educate on proper non-running footwear choices and pre-accommodation for a bunion.
  • Calluses may be trimmed.
  • Icing may help bursitis and pain symptoms
  • (Surgery is above our pay grade) Contact us and we can refer you to a local medical professional.



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