Spring Marathon Program (Bridge from F^3 Lake Half to Spring Full)

 About This Program

The Marathon.  26.2 miles of grit, determination, perseverance, and mental toughness.  It is a remarkable distance and the ultimate test of the human spirit.  Completing a marathon is a defining moment in anyone's life, but training for one is not something that should be taken lightly.  It takes commitment, support and a solid training plan.  That's where Fleet Feet Schererville comes in.  This particular 10 week program will take you from the half marathon distance to the marathon distance in just 10 weeks!  Success in this program can be achieved by anyone who is trained to run a half marathon by January 26th.  Our F^3 Lake Half Marathon program can help you to prepare for this program.  

Join Fleet Feet Sports to train for the Spring Marathon of your choice! We offer training programs that will equip you to reach your Spring Marathon goals. Whether you are looking to compete and establish a Personal Best in your 50th marathon, simply complete your very first one or anything in between, we can give you the tools, support and encouragement required to prepare you to toe the starting line and finish strong!

The question isn't, can you?  The question is, will you?

Program Includes
  • 10 week training schedule -  goal race specific
  • Compete or Complete Training option!
  • On site coaching from certified running coaches
  • 2 weekly coached group runs
  • Interval and hill training
  • Team support and encouragement
  • Top quality technical running shirt
  • Educational clinics by coaches and doctors
  • Free injury screenings provided by sponsored doctors throughout program
  • Participant only, in store discounts
  • Post run snacks and refreshments
  • Post program celebration dinner
  • Emailed advice and support by certified coaches
  • Private Facebook group to connect you with the coaches and other participants                                                                                                                                                                           


Cost: $125.00 for anyone not signed up for our F^3 Lake Half Marathon Program                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           $75.00 for our F^3 Lake Half Marathon Program Participants
Dates To Remember:
We must have 20 paid participants signed up by December 25th to run this program.
Program starts on Tuesday, January 29th at 6:15 PM
Group Runs
Group runs will meet Saturday mornings at 7 AM and Tuesday evenings at 6:15 PM.  Attending both training days is recommended but not mandatory.

Sign up online: Fleet Feet Sports Spring Marathon Training

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